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Rathgeb gone for two

Rathgeb gone for two

Swiss captain suspended

Published 01.01.2015 17:55 GMT-5 | Author Adam Steiss
Rathgeb gone for two
Yannick Rathgeb will miss the first two games of the relegation round. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has suspended Swiss defenceman and team captain Yannick Rathgeb for the next two games of the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship.

Rathgeb will miss the first two games of the best-of-three relegation round series against Germany, specifically game 21 on 2nd January and game 26 on 3rd January.

The suspension comes as a result of a violation that occurred at 32:02 of the game between Switzerland and Sweden, when Rathgeb delivered a hit on Swedish forward Anton Blidh in the Swiss defending zone.

In delivering the check Rathgeb leaned forward with his left shoulder and appeared to make the principle point of contact with Blidh’s head. Blidh immediately fell to the ice and required assistance by team medical staff to leave the ice and did not return to play in the game. A major game misconduct penalty under rule 122.4 (Charging) was assessed on the play.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Rathgeb made eye contact with Blidh while he was a considerable distance away and had ample time to decide if and when to check Blidh, and the manner in which to execute the check. Rathgeb maintained eye contact the entire way prior to initiating contact with Blidh, who was unaware of the impending hit.

After Blidh released the puck Rathgeb could have avoided contact with Blidh but chose to hit him anyway, taking advantage of an unsuspecting opponent.  

Based on the analysis ascertained from the video of the play, the Panel determined that the hit by Rathgeb was not only intentional but avoidable and that he recklessly endangered his opponent. Rathgeb was found to be in violation of rule 122.4 (Charging) and 124.1 to 4 (Checking to the Head or Neck).

Therefore, the Disciplinary Panel determined that a two-game suspension would be appropriate. Rathgeb would be eligible to return if the Switzerland-Germany relegation round series goes to three games. 


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