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Officials known

Officials known

22 referees, linesmen named

Published 21.10.2014 13:03 GMT-4 | Author Martin Merk
Officials known
The referees call a goal after a video review during the 2014 IIHF World Junior Championship in Malmo, Sweden. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The IIHF has named 373 officials from 41 countries for the World Championship program including 22 who will officiate in Toronto and Montreal.

12 referees and 10 linesmen were nominated for the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship in Canada including three officials from the host country with Pascal St-Jacques (Laval, Que.), Jordan Browne (Oshawa, Ont.) and Bevan Mills (Langley, BC).

Swedish referee Marcus Vinnerborg is the most experience referee of the crew with 10 IIHF top-level nominations prior to this season. Vinnerborg became the first European NHL referee in 2010 and started another assignment abroad recently by officiating in the Swiss NLA.

He is closely followed by Konstantin Olenin (Russia, 9) and Tobias Wehrli (Switzerland, 8) in the number of nominations but the list also includes talented officials who will work at this level for the first time after a strong performance in last season’s U18 World Championship.

Officials for the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship




Baluska, Vladimir  (SVK)


Browne, Jordan  (CAN)

Bruggemann, Lars  (GER)


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Dehaen, Pierre  (FRA)

Gofman, Roman  (RUS)


Lazarev, Gleb  (RUS)

Jerabek, Antonin  (CZE)


Lhotsky, Miroslav  (CZE)

Kaukokari, Mikko  (FIN)


Malmqvist, Andreas  (SWE)

Miller, Geoffrey  (USA)


Mills, Bevan  (CAN)

Ohlund, Linus  (SWE)


Pesonen, Jani  (FIN)

Olenin, Konstantin  (RUS)


Ponomarjow, Nikolaj  (GER)

Patafie, Steve  (USA)


Ritter, Judson  (USA)

St-Jacques, Pascal  (CAN)


Wust, Simon  (SUI)

Vinnerborg, Marcus  (SWE)



Wehrli, Tobias  (SUI)







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