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Golyshev suspended one game

Golyshev suspended one game

Russian forward to miss match against Sweden

Published 29.12.2014 11:33 GMT-5 | Author Adam Steiss
Golyshev suspended one game
Russia's Anatoli Golyshev #15 is escorted off the ice by the linesman following a hit against Switzerland's Phil Baltisberger #14 at the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has handed down a one-game suspension to Russian forward Anatoli Golyshev for his hit on Switzerland’s Phil Baltisberger.

Golyshev will miss his team’s next preliminary round game today against Sweden.

The violation occured during the Russia-Switzerland preliminary round game on Sunday 28 December at 08:08 of the 2nd period. After entering the Russian defensive zone, Switzerland’s Jason Fuchs made a forward pass toward Baltisberger who was in the middle of the ice moving toward the Russian goal. Baltisberger was looking to his right in preparation to receive the pass and was approached from the left by Golyshev, who delivered a blindside hit to Baltisberger prior to the arrival of the puck.

The impact from the hit caused Baltisberger to fall to the ice. Baltisberger required medical attention and was removed from the ice via stretcher and taken to hospital. Golyshev was assessed a major penalty and game misconduct according to rule 150.7.

Following a formal hearing with the player, the Disciplinary Panel determined that Baltisberger in attempting to receive the pass was not eligible to be hit as he did not have possession of the puck, and that Golyshev skated into the path of Baltisberger initiating body contact in an effort to prevent him from gaining possession of the puck. Although the video evidence is inconclusive as to whether contact to the head was made, Golyshev took advantage of an unsuspecting opponent, who was in a vulnerable position with no opportunity to defend himself.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Golyshev’s actions were in violation of rule 150.7 as he recklessly endangered his opponent which resulted in an injury, and should receive a one-game suspension as a result.


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